Monday, April 4, 2011

Crazy Hair Day

Due to some extremely cold temps during February vacation week, we elected NOT to cut Thing Two's hair. It turned out to be a very smart move, as we saw temps of -17 and -24. Brrrr.

As we don't take the kids out of school unless we absolutely must, he hasn't been off The Rock since.

He was happy as a pig in poop about this, when Crazy Hair Day came up:

Lookit those eyelashes!!!

Also, nice greenish bruise on yer forehead there, kid.


He never has any hair to do anything with, so this was a first, and BIGNEWSOHMYGOD in his world.


We had to do CrazyFaces to go with CrazyHair.

But, as usual, She Who Has Long Hair had the most fun:


Haha, this was fun to do!

On another note, the other day Thing Two said my hair looked like Wild Mike (from Back At The Barnyard).

I took it as the compliment I'm sure he meant it to be.

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