Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And the fun continues!

Oops. This pic was taken before I fixed that wonkiness on the right side.


Lace knitting and the subsequent blocking feeds my OCD tendencies like nothing else in this world.

I want to start another lace project RIGHTNOW, but I am knee-deep in a couple of baby sweaters that have been percolating for a while.

Ones that involve worsted weight yarn.
And intarsia.
And charts.

That's where this guy comes in. He may not block lace for me (coughyetcough), but he can draw.
I can draw stick figures, and Snoopy's head. That is all.
This guy, he can draw anything. So I make him draw out what I want, and graph it on tracing paper.

Yeah, it's Old School, but it works.


He still had to take out the trash later that evening, however.

Oh, how I love to knit baby sweaters in worsted weight yarn! So much can be accomplished in such short time!

This was knit in the round to the armpit, then straight to facilitate the intarsia design. In two days.


We sat and counted last night: these two sweaters will be the 9th and 10th Buoy Sweaters I've knit for fishermen's kids. In each case, I've used their Dad's buoy color.
Did you know that every lobster fisherman has his own distinct buoy color or pattern? Their buoys must also be marked with their individual number as well.

These two sweaters are for a friend's grandsons, in his buoy colors.
This friend is the same age as my Big Guy. And he is a grandfather.

And that is why, The Big Guy keeps telling me, there will not be a Thing Three.

In a bit of Knit Fail, I had to rip out the Breaking Hearts cuff. I'm sure it was Karma's retribution for starting the KAL early.

Love STR...but not medium weight. Not for socks.

I will find some other project for this yarn.

In the meantime, I've re-started in some Beyond Basic Knits (BBK) fingering weight merino, in a color called Water Lilly.


Very Spring-like!


I had some trouble with the Twisted Garter edging on the cuff, though.
Doesn't it look better on the inside of the sock??
I may try to turn it inside out before I begin the chart, just for kicks.

Oh, look! It's snowing. Again.
Happy Spring, everybody.

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