Friday, December 17, 2010

John Belushi

Yesterday, a friend posted a random comment on Facebook about a Joe Cocker song, which led me to this clip of and old Saturday Night Live skit. (And an afternoon of You Tube surfing for those old skits. Gilda. Chevy. Dan. John. Lorraine. THE BEST!)
God, I miss those guys.

Did he nail it? YOU be the judge!

My kids watched this with me, and were both befuddled as to the lyrics. "But WHY is he singing about wonder bread? And liver??"
Drugs, Honey. That is why we know now NOT to take drugs. Back then, they didn't know how bad it was for you.
And then I listed off a few people we know in real life who are burnouts, and The Things nodded their full understanding.

Let's hope the lesson sticks.

In the meantime, I will lament the loss of some of my favorite comics.
FYI, Joe Cocker is still among us!

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