Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cute Things

The stilettos came. I have no words.

They are...they're...just....gorgeous!

And, sniff, I only got to hold them in my hot little hands for a moment, when I realized they are 4 inches and my Options are 5 inches and I never thought to measure because they looked like they could be 4 inches...
and they don't fit in my hand.

I could probably get used to the inch less...maybe.  (Ladies, do I even have to make the joke??)

So. I emailed. Can we switch these out?
Absolutely. Get new ones out to you in short order.

In the meantime I am distracting myself making super-cute things like this:

My kingdom for a red pompom! We scoured the house; no red yarn, no pompoms we could steal off something else. I had to send it off pompom-less. So sad.

To go on a super-cut thing like this:


Guess which one I wanted to keep.

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