Thursday, September 30, 2010


My boys are back from the moose hunt. I barely got a glance at my Little Guy, as he reached out the truck window for his backpack and was whisked off to school to finish out the day.
I'm not sure how he did; I talked to him at 10pm when they got back from the moose tagging station, and they were up at 3:30 for the long drive home.

When I finally got my hands on him at dinnertime, I stripped him on the spot and herded him to the shower.

"Awwww, Moooom...Do I have to???"

"YES!" Thing One and I yelled, in unison.

"But I just put on new underwear this morning!"



They've been gone for 6 days. I asked for all the dirty clothes and was handed a plastic Hannaford sack. It wasn't full.
I'm not even sorting it. I'm just dumping it in the machine with a bottle of bleach.

It's for the best.

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