Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I could never be a slacker

How do people do it, staying home all day?

There is NOTHING worth watching on tv (at night, either).
Everybody else is AT WORK.

Really, all there is to do

Let's recap the damage I did today, shall we?

My day started with a dire choice: shower, or coffee. I chose the former. It was not a wise choice.
By the time I got home from work at noon, I was a raving ravenous monster.

In short order, I polished off 3 ginormous (Not kidding here, I made these with an ice cream scoop. They're as big as your head.) chocolate chip cookies and a big glass of milk.

While I munched and dunked the cookies, and snorted the crumbs, I unearthed 2 lobster tails in the fridge. They quickly became mixed with Ritz crackers, butter, pepper and garlic.
While that warmed up in the oven, I ate a bowl of cereal. It was available.
I realized how inefficient it was to run the oven for that small bowl of stuffing, so I threw some chicken in to bake, though Miss Thing had already chosen burgers for dinner.
I know, I saw the warning sign, too, but chose to ignore it.

Sure enough, I ate one of the chicken breasts after I chowed down the stuffing. Thing One is getting the rest of them for dinner.

By the end of my marathon, it was 1pm.

I'm now full to the gills, and the thought of food is making my eyeballs bulge.

Except, curiously, I have a craving for Cream of Wheat.

Where'd I put that bottle of pepto??

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