Monday, August 10, 2009


I know I promised you 'the rest of the story', as Paul Harvey would have said, but I'm afraid I'll have to put you off a bit longer.

I've put a link to the post in the Bar Harbor Times newspaper, which will come out in print on Thursday.
I will publish the post Thursday morning.

I will attempt to distract you with this fabulous piece of knitting, which was accomplished in the waiting room at the VA hospital in Jamaica....Jamaica Plains, that is, in Massachusetts.
Yep, we are total world travelers. (Big Guy had an allergy test.) More on that whole experience in a minute.

Yes, I am a dishcloth. Adore me.

I sent this dishcloth to Gail From Kansas, who won the yarny prize package from my recent Coveted Yarn contest. I asked her to think of me when she washes her dishes, and I made it
green with trees so it would remind her of Maine.
I'm mostly happy that I will be associated with dish soap.
Of course, it is Gail's enthusiasm and sweetness that compelled me to send the dishcloth along.

Yup, Jamaica Plain.
Hey, we did manage to go out on our second date in 8 1/2 years that weekend, so I'm not complaining!

The VA hospital in Jamaica Plain is the cleanest hospital I have ever been in.
15 years in health care.

So we were walking down one of their very wide, well lit, many windowed hallways...when I spot this small cabinet smack dab in the middle of the hall. What a weird place for a cabinet.
And I swear to all that is good and holy, that thing moved.
I mentioned it to The Big Guy.

I got The Look. (I watch a lot of horror movies. I see things move all the time. They aren't always moving.)

I stared at the thing until we got right up on it, and just as we were abreast of moved.
On its own.

The Big Guys jumped 3 feet in the air...and I was flying down that hallway like FloJo on steroids!

"I am an automated delivery system. I'm here to scare the pants offa you."


I took a lot of pictures.
I may have been following the thing around the hospital.
I may have been asked to leave.
But I can't talk about it. Homeland Security and all.
But I can tell you, had my kids been with me, they would have riddden it too.


  1. Marissa,
    I love that dishcloth!!! It is my very , very favorite one. I think of you every day! Love also to look at my sea rocks and the sand dollar, plus that beautiful pile of yarn. First on the agenda, socks.
    Thank you for sharing with us the story of your trip to the hospital. You brightened our day with giggles and smiles!! My eight year old son wanted to read it through several times, he too would probably thought of riding it.
    Hope your day is full of blessings!
    Gail in Kansas

  2. Hilarious!!!!!!!

  3. You just made me snort water out of my nose!

  4. Hehe...poor guy! Just told hubby about it, that would freak me out though...

  5. My first thought was creepy, upon consideration, a robot to follow me around dispensing medication might make life pretty entertaining!