Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's 3am, I must be lonely...

(It's from a song; I'm not losing it. Yet.)

The worst part of any vacation is going home.

The worst part about leaving Boston at the end of vacation is that not only am I going home (to a God-awful mess because The Big Guy has been on his own), but that I will likely not leave again for months.


I've learned the best way to get myself on that ferry is to leave super early.
Early enough that I'm not really awake.
Early enough that if a kid gets sick and I have to stop (yeah, right. I stop for NOTHING!), I can still make the ferry.
Early enough that If I have to change a flat tire (Um, WHAT? Those days are long gone.), I can still make the ferry.

I leave in the middle of the night.

I love 3am.
Aside from the occasional drunk on the roads, it's just me and the truckers. It's dark, and it makes the drive more interesting to split the time between night and day.
It's also really, really, really hard to stay awake.

But leaving at 3am puts me in Portland, Maine right about the time the sun comes up.
And watching the sunrise over Portland Harbor is one of my favorite things on this Earth.

OK, so it's not the harbor...I was on the phone when I went past it.

p.s. I took 482 pictures, just randomly pointing and clicking without taking my eyes off the road, and this is the only one that wasn't a total blur.

Nat Geo wants me.


  1. Lovely sunrise.
    Welcome home.

  2. I like to leave for vacation rather early, its the anticipation, but as far as coming home, It varies according to the time of year, LA traffic is brutal, I've even ran into a traffic jam at midnight!