Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Out of my mind?

Out of my league,

Out of my comfort zone,

Totally out of character....

But I Must Have This.

And Knit Picks is the very first to carry it. Good for them! (I heart that place!)

They are the owners of this piece of genius:


Seriously, genius.
One of my top 5 favorite ads ever.
Now go buy something from Knit Picks, but stay away from that blue Tilli Tomas, please.
(I said Please!)

EDITED TO ADD: not Knit Picks, but KPixie, who are also geniuses, and whom I also love dearly!
Plus, they have these and these!
Sorry for the confusion.


  1. i do love Tilli Tomas but ny yarn budget says you are safe!

  2. Adorable ad. I love knit picks as well!

  3. Knit Picks is carrying Tilli Thomas? Don't they just do their own brand of yarn? I'm wondering if you are getting Knit Picks and Kpixie confused? Or maybe Knit Picks is branching out and I'm the last to know!! :)

  4. Oh, for heaven's sake! Karen is absolutely right- it is KPixie (www.kpixie.com), not KnitPicks carrying the newest Tilli Tomas! I was so excited, I mixed them up. Sorry Missa and Jess! I love you guys, too!!