Thursday, December 1, 2011

I feel something in the air....

I'm feeling nostalgic for our 'Elf on the Shelf', Henry.

You remember Henry, don't you? He got mixed reviews here at Chez Rozenski: The Big Guy thought it was creepy to have a psychotic stuffed doll running around the house pulling pranks in the dark of night, Thing One just wanted to smother it with lovin' like ALL OF HER 482 STUFFED ANIMALS, and Thing Two just didn't give a hoot.

Me?? I had a BLAST with him. He drank wine with me until everyone was asleep, and then we got jiggy with the pranking.

He even assisted with the candy making. He had his own little hairnet and everything.

In the end, my soft as a grape daughter couldn't bear to see him packed into a box for a year, and begged, pleaded and cajoled her way into keeping him 'alive' in her room.
She adopted him.
And he had to give up his special powers to stay.

I miss Henry. Enough that I'm considering resurrecting his spirit, and starting up some evil shenanigans around the house.

It could be that I'm just bored, and miss having someone to drink wine with.
I really need a cat.

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