Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am cooking up a storm, while it's (appropriately) storming outside.

While most of Maine got hammered once again with snow, we got only rain (Amen.), however the winds were fierce enough for the ferry to cancel.

You will never hear me berate the Captain or crew for canceling because of bad weather!

We get another chance at it tomorrow. A few are coming across, and a few are going over...and I'm pretty sure that whatever is left here on the island will be at my house all day.

They won't leave hungry, that's for sure:

 That's just the desserts. And cranberry sauce.

Tammy (of Offshore Store fame) gets all the credit for the pie crusts. I wimped out, and made her do them all. We had four kids underfoot (never heard them all day, they were good as gold), and ONE UNRULY HUSBAND. 

Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you are!

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