Monday, October 31, 2011

Going straight to Hell for this one

It all started with a little too much bravado from a certain 12 year old boy, who wasn't nearly respectful of all Things That Go Bump In The Night.

Afficionado of horror movies that I am (and general wimp), I could not possibly allow that 'tude to go unpunished.

And so it was that we found our merry little band of sugar-fied miscreants stuffed into a car on a loooong dark stretch of winding twisting dirt road. (The driveway to Baker's, for those of you who know the island.)

We stuffed the boys, the 12 year old and my 8 year old (who swears he will never ever forgive me for this) into the hatchback, with the window down.
The girls, the fairer, weaker sex were safely ensconced in the back seat.

The boys were open and unprotected. On that dark, twisty, bumpy road.

I put on my best Halloween Music...creepy sounds of chains rattling, witches shrieking, ghosts moaning, and victims screaming...and had them looking over their shoulders in no time.

We drove all the way to the house without event.

And then started back out.

We encountered some 'car trouble'. The headlights began to flicker on and off, on that very dark and winding road. The car began to surge forward abruptly, and then brake hard.
The engine raced; though Tammy held her foot on the brake, the car tried to drive on its own.
She was screaming! I was screaming!
The kids were buying it, and beginning to panic...

We told them we were almost to the end of the road, where help could be found (there are two inhabited houses on that stretch).
And while the car jerked and bucked its way out to the end of the road with the headlights flashing on and off...

Jay jumped out into the road, and reached in through that back window, grabbing onto both boys!

Johnny fainted.
 Brody leapt out through that window at a dead run.

And yes, we are all very much aware of how screwed we are when they get a little older.

Happy Halloween, kids!

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