Sunday, October 30, 2011


We went on a fabulous field trip with some other Outer Island schools. We traveled to Bangor (which isn't unusual for us), and stopped first at the Challenger Museum and Learning Center.

It was here that I learned I will never be an astronaut.
Food and toilet issues, is what I'm saying.

It was extremely cool to see and learn what the astronauts eat, where they sleep, some of the rigorous training they must complete, etc.
We loved it!

Thursday, we spent the day at University of Maine in Orono. We visited the Planetarium, where I was groped in the dark by one of my neighbors (thankfully, a man), who I promptly groped back.
Good times.

The Planetarium was fabulous as well, and WOWed the group of k-3rd graders I was with.

Grades 4 and up were at the Climbing Wall while we were in the Planetarium, and at some predetermined time, we switched off.

Which means I did not get to see Thing One scale the Climbing wall to the top of its 25 to 30 feet. And that may not be a bad thing.

I did, however get to see Thing Two up at about 22 feet on that same wall. And I had the video camera with me.

 Later, we trekked over to MaineBound (on the other side of the Earth campus) to do what can only be described as Watch Marissa Empty Her Bladder In Several Stages.
They call it a High Ropes Course.

My 8 year old. Twenty Four feet up in the air. With a plastic helmet for protection.
And someone who wasn't me at the end of the rope keeping him from falling to certain death:

Also in this video is our sole Kindergarten student on a log, 24 feet up. He's five.

And you wonder why I drink.

However, we have the best field trips, HANDS DOWN.

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