Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Better than winning the election

Yesterday, amid manning the Post Office and the Election Polls, I received a wonderful message from a fellow blogger.

She felt compelled to give me an award.

I know!!

Thank You, JuleeQue. You are too kind.

I will be visiting Greece for the next 6 weeks, virtually, through Julie.
Which is awesome, because I know I would have 'bathroom issues' over there.

My Dad went to Italy a few years ago, and hotel accommodations were handled by Somebody Else.
The area they visited (which shall remain nameless) was quaint and picturesque, and charged 25 cents a square for toilet paper.

My Dad promptly located a Hilton in a heavy tourist area.

I was traumatized just hearing this. I can never go to Italy. 

Apparently, it's much the same all over Europe. I will stay stateside, where I can flush with abandon.

I hope Julie documents everything she sees and eats (I'm all about the food), and has the time of her life!

p.s. My Mother's account of Singapore and China was even worse (in terms of bathroom, um, facilities. If by facilities you mean 'ditch'. )
All Hail Sir John Harington, inventor of the flush toilet...and my hero!

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