Sunday, August 1, 2010

Self- Sabotage

That's exactly what it was, folks.

I sat down with The Lace yesterday afternoon. I began the row I knew I was on; it was even marked off in pencil on the chart.

Yet it was wrong. (Personal success moment: I 'read' the lace, and recognized that my YO's weren't lining up. Yay, me!)

I checked it over, fretted, fumed, cussed, threw the remote, cried, and walked away.

Last night, after putting the house to bed and downing a blueberry martini (highly recommend), I sat down with it to figure out where it all went to hell.

I checked the last row, a purl row. (Oh, yeah, because that's where a mistake was going to be, right?)
I ripped it out.
I was just about to rip out the previous row, which pissed me off greatly because...dammit, I had 6 rows left when this went wrong!

I kept looking. Something wasn't right.
I checked the chart.

I didn't have 6 rows left when I sat down to knit yesterday...I had 4.

I frogged what didn't need frogging.

I stayed up last night and finished Adamas to the bind off.
I went to bed with a huge smile on my face.

And I just finished the cast off.

I couldn't be more proud of me. I just finished My Very First Real Lace Project.


I love it.

And I'm hooked!

Now, who's gonna help me block this sucker???


  1. It is gorgeous, congratulations!!!

  2. Woo!!! Hooooo!!!!! Happy blueberry martini dance. After all that, blocking is the easy part. If you screw it up and it's lopsided, you either make it wet and do it again, or wrap it around your neck, and nobody will notice.

    It. Looks. Awesome!!!!!!!

  3. It's beautiful!! Go you! (sucks about the frogging thing though!)

  4. If you can put us up for the weekend HUbby Master Blocker and I could use a wee vacation ---It won't be as hard as you think and it is lovely you should be very very proud!!!

  5. Congrats on your lovely lace!!!! That deserves a glass (or bottle) of wine!!!!!!

  6. You can borrow my wires.... um... if you ever go off that island!

  7. Yeah you! It is beautiful!