Thursday, May 27, 2010


This is my favorite house.

It is not my house. I have no idea who owns it, only that it belongs to an elderly couple.
They were an elderly couple 14 years ago, when I lived in this county and would occasionally drive past their immaculately maintained house.

Their grass is always mowed. Perfectly.

The house is never in need of a coat of paint.

It is always clean. Once I saw Him, outside, working on a tractor. Even the tools were neatly lined up.
I almost cried my little OCD heart out.

The house sits on a corner. As you turn the corner, you can see the back.



I've never seen it any other way. Immaculate.

But gets better.

Across the street from this house is a field. I can only assume they own the field as well, because he mows that, too.
Of course, he may just be mowing the field because he wants to.

Between his house and the field, there is this:

There used to be a birdbath in the middle there...


I could fill a photo album with the pictures I've taken of this house over the years.
I'm sure they think I'm a Stalker.
I'm sure I'm the only person who parks in the middle of the street to take pictures of their house and yard.
I can only hope they're flattered.


  1. I could imagine sitting in that center portion of the house (where all the windows are) and just knitting my day away.

    Beautiful home!!!

  2. I don't blame you for stalking it ;) Its a lovely house and gorgeous grounds!