Thursday, May 13, 2010

Take that!

These may well be my most comfortable pair of shoes.


Not counting my pink fluffy flip flop slippers, of course.

I wear them everywhere.
I wear them to walk up and down the ramp to get the mail.
The mailman (who is a minister, and not really a gambling man) is taking bets on when I'll fall off the dock and into the water. He's giving points for the height of my fall.

But you know how it is in comfortable shoes, ones you wear all the time: they become part of your feet, and you don't fall. (much)

So when we went camping these last few weekends, I just stuck my feet into these shoes, and off we went.

Oh, I brought the rubber fishing boots. I brought the hiking boots. I brought flip flops (my choice of run-to-the-outhouse shoes; they can be brought home and washed in the machine...with bleach!)
But these were the only shoes I wore the whole time.

And The Big Guy, and both kids, made fun of me unmercifully.

But they're getting hot, what with that closed up toe and all.
And Maine is showing signs of spring, so you know summer is right around the corner.
These shoes will not do, at all.

So I found these.


And I'm not taking them off 'til the snow flies.


  1. Both are cute!!!

    I just bought a pair of White Mountain clogs this winter because they would "show off my socks nicely", but the big surprise --- they are SUPER comfortable.

    P.S. Glad you didn't fall in the water. ;-)

  2. Oh, now those look really comfy! Nothing better than comfy has to have comfy shoes! (did I say comfy enough for ya! ;)