Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's not's me

or, The Breakup.

Dr. Mr. Pillsbury pie crust,
In the 30-some years we've been together, I have been a faithful and constant devotee. I simply adore you; your convenience, your low price, your predictable success...

But I've changed. I have grown up. It's time for me to move on.
It was bound to happen, you know. I make nearly everything we eat from scratch, and it was inevitable that I would one day expand into pie crust; fated that given an attempt or two, I could produce a tender flaky crust all by myself, without begging the neighbors to pick one up at the store for me.

That day has come.

Yeah, Baybee.

I had a little help making half a pie disappear.


I'd like us to remain friends. There will likely be a time or two when I will need a shoulder to lean on, given the overwhelming number of projects I work on at any given moment.
I will feel content knowing you are there for me when the world becomes Too Much To Bear, and a finished pie is just minutes away.

Know that I still love you, but as a friend.



  1. Ah pie...sorry to hear the sad news, but alas it happens to all of us. I personally have moved on from home made, kids are all grown and out of the house and I am by myself...running around dancing like a wild woman...but, I did pick up a pre-made crust last night and made a beautiful pie tonight for the son and I tomorrow, (daughter won't be here until next weekend. Enjoy your pie, Marissa it looks yummy! Not sure I'll make it till tomorrow on mine though, so I made 2 just in case! Besides what else could I do, there were 2 in the pkg...ha! another pie had to be made and if I have to eat it, well then, I will! And then back to the gym on Monday, hahahahahaaha...Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Hehe...yummy!! I so cannot do that...yet ;) still need the crutch that is the long red box with 2 long rolls inside...

  3. The pie looks scrumptious! I am not gifted at pie crusts, may go to the store and pick up a ready made crust - though I'll be alone = more pie for meeee!!!

  4. LOL, too funny!!! Pie crust is one of the few things I have yet to master. Well, okay, pie crust and ravioli - if you saw my post yesterday. I think I'll have an easier time with ravioli than pie crust, but I hope to get it down one day. :)

  5. Yummy! Send a slice my way!!!!

  6. Despite the fact that the major thing holding me back from making more pies is taking the time to make the stupid crust, I have never bought a frozen pie crust. My family doesn't buy pie crusts. We make them. We don't necessarily make them well, but we make them from scratch. It's What We Do.

    Actually, we've been improving every generation. My grandmother's were like eating the pie pan itself. My mother's were passable. Mine are pretty good. I can only assume one of my kids will be a pastry chef.