Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Spirit

It's a THUNDERDOME of fighting here!

These kids have been at each other for over a week:

Mom, he hit me! Did not! Did too! Did not! argggggh.

Mom, she called me a baby! Did not! Did too! Did not!

Mom, he peed on the seat and cleaned it with the hand towel!

Grossly, he didn't deny that one. I washed ALL the hand towels.

My point:
It is November 12th, and I have used the Santa Threat twice already.


And then this morning, after all this fighting...
"My bike helmet is broken!" Find another one. We have 6 of them.
"I don't like those kinds. Hey, little bro, can I wear yours and you wear one of the other ones, please?"

Picture me in the corner, bracing myself for the whining, thinking ahead to what she can wear for a helmet...

"Sure! I want your head to be safe."

"Thank You!"

Go figure. Manners and everything.

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  1. That little exchange was premeditated - just to keep you from getting complacent.