Saturday, December 13, 2008

Random good things

     Thing One came home from school the other day, so excited she could barely get the words out. They had carved rocks into shapes and she made a fox and Mrs. Finn had to help her and Thing Two already lost his and look isn't it awesome.....

     Apparently she is all about carving soapstone. I love the look of it, and want a small piece for myself. (If I ever tried to wear this around my neck I'd find some bizarre way to maim myself. I'd like to make the newspaper for some other reason than "Woman bends over to pick up pencil and breaks own nose with chunk of soapstone tied round neck. She later died of injuries sustained when shards of her broken nose entered her brain. She was found on the toilet/in the shower. Story at 11." No, thanks.


They also made pottery this week. (I wish I went to school with them!!)
I didn't get the same feedback with the pottery. My fingers were crossed that she'd be some amazing talent at the wheel, as her Mother is a huge pottery fan. I still hold out hope.

     Thing Two had some excitement this week as well. He was thrilled to receive mail- his own mail- addressed to HIM. 

All the way from Australia!!


Great job with the handwriting Miles! 

Thing Two loves three things in life (besides me): the moon, stars, and trains. Not necessarily in that order. He was at the Post Office having lunch when this came. He walked around with it the rest of the day. He may very well be sleeping with it right now!


  1. I say the same thing when I hear some of the stuff kids get to do in school these days. I mean, in our day, there was Home Ec. Now, kids get to work in 5-star kitchens while they take Culinary Arts!

  2. I cant wait to show Miles that his card made it there and his name on the screen! He is going to love it!

    Crafts have gotten a lot better these days. My mother does Pottery, and she loves it to pieces, it is now more important to her to get to pottery class then come and clean my house for spend time with me. I take her to her classes and she is like a mad woman with creating things. Just wish she would spend a little more time on one piece, as she does about 20 a day, no kidding there. I hope to set up a blog for her so she can post her creations there and write about them.

    What is soapstone?