Friday, December 5, 2008

It's December 5th

It's SCHMOO'S Day!

Happy Birthday Big Ragu!!
I love this picture of him. Stephen's birthday party.

But Dude, how can you be hitting this milestone birthday when I'm older than you, and I'm still 29??

It's a conununundrum.....

Awwwwww. Thing Two LOVES Carmine. (Pretty sure he thought he was about to be dropped to his death in this picture...I guess when you're three feet tall, a two foot drop looks scary...))

ps. non-family-type readers...this is my cousin,  Carmine.

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  1. Poor thing two! Looks like it was a nice day for a party! Today (6th) I am taking Miles to his friend, John, 5th birthday party. It should be fun. I didnt realise that his friend was going to be 5, and starting school next year, Miles is going to be at kindy for another year. Miles is excited about the party.