Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My hair, as yarn.

You guys, is this, or is this not, the spitting image of Wild Mike from that Back At The Barnyard movie???  It's YARN!

This is Wild Mike.

My kids tell me my hair looks like this in the morning. They forget that I prepare all of their food.

Here's a very cool thing for people who can knit in the car.

I can't knit in the car. Because I'm driving. And if I'm not driving, I get carsick. Or, not so much carsick, as passenger-sick. Because no matter how hard I push my foot into the floor, the brakes don't work on that side, and that invisible steering wheel thing is bull-oney

But if you can knit in the car, I'd say that bowl is pretty awesome!

I do it with books, too. Hardcovers hurt.

Cats are so smart.

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