Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Contest Day!

The yarn prize for the contest:


There is a little bit of everything in there!
Mirasol Hacho- hand dyed merino, Mirasol Sulca-merino/alpaca/silk, Antuco- 100% cotton, Debbie Bliss -alpaca silk aran, Ella Rae- lace merino, Araucania Chacabuco- hand dyed cotton, Noro Chirimen- cotton/ silk/ wool, Siam-nylon/acrylic/wool, Queensland Collection Rustic Tweed-wool/alpaca, Sequins yarn-poly blend, Blue Heron- rayon metallic, louisa Harding Merletto....

and some fabulous buttons from Incomparable Buttons.
So cool!

Naturally, all of the yarns are 'sea colored'. Every one of them evokes the thought of the ocean.
I just can't help myself!

When I started this little blog a year or so ago, it was really to document my knitting. I never figured anybody would read it. I didn't expect other knitters to find and read it. I never dreamt non-knitters would ever find it, and I surely never thought so many of you would continue to visit on a regular basis!

I never thought I would enjoy it so much either.Of all the things I do, all of my jobs, all of my hobbies, this blog...this little insignificant diary of my ordinary life is my most favorite thing.
Because of all of you, of course.
Your comments.
Your own blogs.
Your lives, your families, your humor, your knitting.

I can't do without it, it seems.

So I celebrate you. All of you. And I thank you.
Thank you so very much!

Out of respect to those of you who visit, and do not knit, I have another prize.

I will do a second drawing for an Amazon gift card for $100.00, and a gift from the Frenchboro Bakery.

Please specify your prize preference in the comment section!

Ok- the details:

1. The contest will run Wednesday, July 22 to 8pm Eastern time on Wednesday, July 29th.
Winners will be drawn by random number generator on the 29th, and announced Thursday morning, July 30th. International residents welcome!

2. To receive an entry, subscribe to my blog. If you already do, just tell me.

3. For a second entry, blog about/link to this contest. And come tell me about it in the comments. Spread the love!

4. For a third entry, join Coveted Yarn's subscription here. Be sure to tell me about it!

5. And, you know what? For a fourth entry, follow me on Twitter (Maine Moxie).
I love Twitter!

Happy Summer everybody!
Good luck!


  1. I follow on MY YAHoo but I check in the old fashioned way every day too!!!

    Congrats on your first anniversary Already making plans for the yarn in my head!!!

  2. I've been reading your blog for a few weeks (honestly can't remember where I found you), and I subscribe via Google Reader.

    More yarn... always a good idea. I'll put it to good use if I win!

  3. You know I subscribe, but do my eyes deceive me? Does that actually say, "I love Twitter!"????? The power of peer pressure is intoxicating...

  4. Seriously I need more yarn like a hole in the head, but who can resist all those pretty blues!

    So here goes...

    #1 I follow your blog through Ravelry
    #2 I posted a link to the contest on Facebook
    #3 I subscribed to the Coveted Yarn newsletter (what awesome stuff he has I might add!)
    #4 I'm also following you on twitter now (boy do I feel like a stalker!)

  5. I follow your blog & twitter-I would be useless with any yarn-but I could donate to someone who would make me something nice

  6. Wow, that is one gorgeous yarny prize pack. I love that the colors are all sea inspired. Also, don't be surprised about people wanting to read your blog - it's awesome!!

    I've been following you for quite some time on Google Reader. I'm going to post a link to your contest now (and thank you for giving me something to break my blog silence!!) I just subscribed to Coveted Yarn. And I had no idea you were on Twitter - I must have missed that. You can bet I'm following you now!! :)

  7. I'm hoping that flattery will get me everywhere because of all the 1000 + unread blogs in my Google Reader, yours is never one of them. Thanks for always reading mine and leaving comments that make me laugh!

  8. Found your blog through Karen, and just subscribed. I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

  9. P.S. Just found you on Twitter as well!

  10. Yipee! A giveaway!
    I'm already a subscriber.

  11. I have you on my Blogger Blog roll, which is so long it has it's own private blog.

    I posted to my blog at 7/23/2009

    I joined the Coveted Yarn Newsletter.

    Thanks for a spectacular giveaway!

  12. I'm loving that yarn & am definitely random lol' I follow your blog on my blog- and posted to my blog as well, I joined the Coveted Yarn Newsletter & I love the fact that they have a blog with a weekly yarn so I joined that too. I've twittered you & look forward to hearing from you as well.I've followed you on Ravelry but have now sent you a note to say hi

  13. Oh, and I finally had to break down and get that English Toffee. That & fudge are my downfalls & since I've spent the better part of the last 9 years in bed, I really don't need it. Ah, the stress of a contest lol

  14. Okay, I suscribed to your blog, and I posted about the contest on my blog, here, and I already subscribe to Coveted Yarn's newsletter, but I definitely will not follow you on Twitter. I draw the line at Twitter.

    I'm looking forward to reading your blog. I love Maine and wish I could spend time there again. Maybe one of these days. Thanks for the nice offer. I found out about it in the Coveted Yarn group on Ravelry.

  15. And now your contest has been Plurked!!

  16. Oh! I do follow you on my reader. :) And will on Twitter now too. I'll likely post about this on my blog as well, but haven't yet. :)

  17. I subbed to your blog. I like the buttons.

    Thanks for visiting mine and for your comment!

  18. I'm already a coveted yarn subscriber and have subscribed here as well. congratulations on your blog! Thanks for the giveaway.
    jsample on ravelry

  19. Oh darn, I don't have a Twitter account! I did sign up for the newsletter though. I've never been here before, but I love the picture at the top of your site. I'll post a link over on my blog today too. I grew up on the Pacific Ocean and I feel homesick when I don't see it for long periods of time. The water where I grew up was almost the same color green as the middle section of your blog. Knitters unite for sanity! Cheers!

  20. 1. I subscribed to your blog
    2. I follow you on twitter
    3. I subscribe to Coveted Yarn newsletter.
    (I don't have a blog)

  21. I found your blog from your comment on Wendy's site. Your life sounds so wonderful compared to my life in the big city of Chicago. I've subscribed and look forward to reading about your life.

  22. You are on my Yahoo page. And, congrats!! I love the yarn and buttons.

  23. I'm following you on thru blogger, but I don't have a blog. I've subscribed to the Coveted Yarn newsletter as well. Blue is my passion and weakness.

  24. Thanks for entering my giveaway! I love your blog. I want to enter in your giveaway. It is just beautiful. I will come back and look through your whole blog. Right now I am baking Strawberry/Rhubarb farm pie for our Farmer's Market tomorrow. The kitchen smells soooooo good.

    I will sign up for your newsletter.

  25. Count me in as a blog follower! No tweeting though. It all started with those lobster stitchmarkers.....which I finally have some ;)

  26. Cathy (
    I'm subscribed to your blog and already get Rob's newsletter - does that count?

  27. You are the first blog that I have subscribed to. I just did the info through my google account on my blog. I am posting on my trip right now, but if I get the chance will do a post and include you (will let you know). Thank you for such a generous contest!

  28. I subscribe, but I still check your blog everyday. I love it. If only I lived closed enough to help you eat some of that wonderful food!

  29. Its me again, I just wanted to let you know that I blogged about your contest on my blog :-)

  30. Marissa, I am enjoying reading your blog and I am a subscriber. I would love to visit your island. Please enter my name in the drawing! I am subscribing also to the newsletter as soon as I leave this comment. Blessings from Kansas! Gail

  31. Of course I subscribe on my google reader. Your antics never cease to entertain me. I think we may be related!

  32. Hi Marissa,

    I already subscribe to your blog!! (Love it by the way and couldn't help telling others!!)

    I follow you on Twitter


    I am a subscriber of the Coveted Yarn Newsletter.

  33. I subscribed to you, but not just because of the contest. I don't subscribe to blogs I don't like...but you, I like!

  34. I thought I just posted a comment saying I'd subscribed. Hmmm.

    Happy blogiversary!

  35. WOw - are those my colors. I just found your blog, subscribed and now I'm off to blog. I'll let you know when the deed is done!

    I have to admit that it took me a while to figure out how to subscribe (she says sheepishly)

    By the way - my daughter's boyfriend is from Maine - does that give me extra points? :-)

  36. Oh this is nice. I'm glad serendipity took me here.

  37. I just heard about this from my friends at work. Wow - how cool to live on an island. My father worked for the post office for 42 years. Really. But he didn't run a post office. How cool!

    I subscribed although I normally just lurk. Yikes what a great prize package. Of course a gift card would be fabulous too.

    I'm going to subscribe to coveted yarn next if I can. My husband is a birder, but I don't twitter.

  38. Although I just found out about your blog and your contest, it really is a great find for me. What a cool blog and what an interesting life you seem to lead. I don't doubt that you never sleep.

    Congratulations on a really fun blog!

    Oh yeah, and I've subscribed.

  39. I just subscribed and it looks like I did it none too soon. I LOVE your main (or Maine) photo. It's absolutely wonderful!

    All of your baked goods look wonderful too - just looking makes my blood sugar rise. I'm trying not to succumb.

    Please enter me into the contest. And thanks to Elaine for letting me know about it.

  40. My knitting group just spilled the beans and told me about your blog and contest and all the manly blue yarn I could win! So I signed up to subscribe to your blog and I already love it!

    So thanks guys for the intro!

  41. I am not sure if my comment I left yesterday got posted or not, but in case it didn't, I will try it again. I subscribed to your blog through Google Reader, I posted a link about this contest on my blog, I am now a Coveted Yarns subscriber, and I am following you on Twitter (LindsayLou7), so by my estimation, I should have 4 entries. And I would prefer the yarn prize if I am the winner! Thanks!