Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Going Backwards

I'm so far behind in life right now, I may as well be going backwards.

I have lots of funny stuff to share abut our ride home, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.
Pressing matters of business and all that. 
Top priority must be given to payroll taxes, which are due to be filed by the end of the month, and you know Uncle Sam...he doesn't care what you knit, or who did what on their summer vacation, he wants money and paperwork, in that order.
And who am I to argue?

But I have neglected an important matter in the glory of vacation. I meant to share this and forgot all about it!
One of the best blogs I read is throwing a fundraiser: The Full Circle raffle.
A very worthy cause. Go check it out, and read why she is inspired to help the women who helped her.
I dare you not to cry.
And I implore you to make a donation.

I've already donated, but you know what? After re-reading her post, I'm going back and do it again. Yes, I am.

I went to the beach twice while on vacation. I seriously considered tying my kids to my beach chair with a rope. But the thought of being on the front page of every newspaper in the Greater Boston area in a bathing suit made me reconsider.
I did not take my eyes off the kids. (No easy feat.)
And in the end, it was the waves that commanded most of my attention. Our first trip to the beach, the waves were awesome. By our second trip, last Friday, they were downright dangerous. I found myself having a convo with the lifeguard, asking whose authority it was to close the beach. And I love waves! I had all I could do to stand up, they were that strong. A little kid would never have been able to. But the lifeguards were all over it, talking to the Mothers of little ones....their whistles didn't stop all day.

I'm off to type up minutes to a School Board meeting that took place yesterday. Then the payroll taxes. 
If anybody would like to break into my house tonight and finish putting away my grocery shopping, I will oblige by NOT calling the Police. I got home Sunday afternoon, and my car is still not unpacked. (There was over 4-digits worth of groceries packed into that baby, well over, lest you think us lazy here at The Rock. Unloading that stuff and putting it away is enough to make me cry. I'm still not done, but I can see my kitchen countertops tonight, so progress is being made.)

Tomorrow: pics of the as-yet-unfinished crocheted beach cover-up, Pirate Yarn (!!!), and some progress on the Square Cake bag.

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